The WordPress calendar is a table

Basically, by defining a summary for a table, you provide a way for text-to-speech browsers to explain what a table consists of. After all, if you're using a table in your markup, you're doing so not for layout purposes, but rather for informational purposes. Id est, a tabulated listing of data.

Since WordPress lacks a basic summary for the calendar's table, this is something of a problem.

Dive Into Accessibility offers a suggestion for a summary of a table, and I recommend WordPress also incorporate this same language.

On line 460 of /wp-includes/template-functions-general.php, the following line.

echo '<table id="wp-calendar">

Should be changed to the following.

echo '<table id="wp-calendar" summary="Monthly calendar with links to each day\'s posts">

Now then, who can either point me in the right direction to suggest this change, or who wants to make the change for me?