Playstation 3 and the HP Pocket Media Drive

When I purchased my new HP a6360t, I also added in a HP Pocket Media Drive Bay, which allows me to directly connect in a HP Pocket Media Drive.

In turn I'm easily able to add 160GB or 250GB of additional drive space, whenever I need it, to store various media (documents, music, photos, videos, etcetera).

One thing I was curious about was whether the drive I had, a HP 160GB Pocket Media Drive, could be directly connected to my Playstation 3.

Unfortunately, it looks like they cannot be directly connected.

If you attempt to do so, the drive appears to not have enough power to fully spin up. The front drive light flashes a couple of times while the drive spins, but then both stop, only to start back up in a few moments. Repeat.

While it's unfortunate that this doesn't work, I suppose it could be expected. But, it is a little unfortunate. Perhaps with an external power supply, or if both cables were plugged in, things might function ...