On the Saying 'God is Odd'

An old and popular saying states that ‘God is odd’. But is there any validity to this claim? This article shows that there is indeed validity and truth to this claim.

  • God consists, or is equal to the addition, of three characters; ‘G’, ‘o’, and ‘d’.
  • If a number is not evenly divisible by two, that number is odd.
  • Three divided by two is one-and-one-half, therefore three is not evenly divisible by two.
  • Since three is not evenly divisible by two, three is odd.
  • Since ‘God’ is three characters, ‘God’ is odd.
  • Since God is ‘God’, and since ‘God’ is odd, God is odd.

Some people are likely to contest the sixth point. According to the rules of logic, if something, x, is equal to another thing, y, and that other thing, y, is equal to something else, z, the first thing is equal to the third thing. Put in logical terms,

((x ≡ y) & (y ≡ z)) ⊃ (x ≡ z)

In our case, x is equal to God, y is equal to ‘God’, and z is equal to ‘is odd’. Seeing this, we cannot contest that the conclusion is logically sound. Since the conclusion necessarily follows from the previous numbers, it must be that God is odd, and that this saying is indeed true.