Log Parser script: Percent of status codes across all hits/requests

Note: This article was written using Log Parser 2.2. Therefore, while it may work for a different version, it may not.

The following SQL can be used by Log Parser to generate a chart with the total requests (for a day, month, or year) and what percent each status code is of those requests. An example chart can be found at the end of this article.

First, I assume that the below is put in the same directory as the logs you would like to parse. 

SELECT sc-status AS [HTTP Status Code], count(*) AS Requests
INTO http_status_percent_graph-%date%.png
FROM ex%date%*.log
GROUP BY [HTTP Status Code]

Once you've saved this, you can call the script like such, so long as you're already in the directory you saved the SQL file.

logparser file:http_status_percent_graph.sql?date=0710 -o:chart -chartType:Pie -chartTitle:"Status as Percent of Requests"

If you just want the numbers, you can use the following SQL.

SELECT sc-status, count(*)
INTO http_status_codes-%date%.txt
FROM ex%date%*.log
GROUP BY sc-status
ORDER BY sc-status

It too can be called via the command line (again, assuming you save the SQL file and run the following in the same directory as your log files).

logparser -rtp:-1 file:http_status_codes.sql?date=0710 

Feel free to modify the scripts to your own need.

Example chart

Example of the status code chart
Example of the status code chart