Log Parser Plus - version 0.2.1 released

This is no longer the current version. View information about the current version of Log Parser Plus.

Microsoft Log Parser is a command line-based utility useful to parse IIS logs and more.

While a number of applications exist to help use Log Parser, as well as a number of sites containing Log Parser queries, I haven't been very happy with them.

In an attempt to make it even easier to work with Log Parser, I present version 0.2.1 BETA of Log Parser Plus (not to be confused with the Web site, LogParserPlus.com).

Download Log Parser Plus 0.2.1 BETA.

Log Parser Plus 0.2.1 BETA is, as noted, currently under development. It lacks proper threading, and could use a number of user interface tweaks. Since I use IIS for personal and business purposes, I will be working towards version 1.0 and beyond.

Microsoft Log Parser is required, and can be downloaded from Microsoft.

Questions, comments, and concerns are appreciated.