IIS Logs to SQLite - version 0.1 beta released

Unfortunately, Microsoft Log Parser is unable to convert logs into SQLite. To work around this limitation I've created IIS Logs to SQLite, which will parse IIS logs and import them into the SQLite database and table of your choice.

The first beta version of this application is now available.

Download IIS Logs to SQLite version 0.1.

This application requires the .NET Framework version 3.5 (check your version of .NET Framework).

Note that for a larger amount of logs, memory usage can spike.

In a future version I may (read: will) allow the columns to be exported to be selected by the user, instead of the 'all' dump that I currently do.

There's some other interface cleanup items as well, and there's at least one known bug (using a custom log file or path that returns no matches).

This might be the direction I end up taking my Log Parser Plus application.

Plug: Read more about Microsoft Log Parser and find example queries at Log Parser Plus.