HP Pavilion a6360t clean-up

With a new HP Pavilion a6360t, a number of things needed to be done to clean the machine up, from it's default factory setup.

  1. Uninstall Norton Internet Security (there's an uninstall option through the program's Start menu). After a restart, I still needed to go back and delete the empty directory from the Start menu.
  2. Uninstall My HP Games through the Control Panel. Each one needed to be selected individually.
  3. Uninstalled Yahoo! Toolbar through the Control Panel.
  4. Went into the preferences for the HP Advisor and unchecked "Animate application state transitions," "Show notification balloon for docking transition" and "Show notification balloon for system tray transition." Changed Default view from "Mini-dock" to "System Tray".
  5. Deleted the following icons from the desktop; "eBay," "Internet & Digital Services," "MSN," "Snapfish Photos - First 25 Prints Free," "Try Microsoft Office for 60 days."
  6. Opened IE and turned off automatic phishing filter. Added Google as a search provider, made it my default, and deleted Ask.com and Yahoo! Search.
  7. Removed all home pages from IE.
  8. Downloaded AVG 7.5 Free, and installed it. Removed AVG shortcut from desktop.
  9. Switched to 'watching' NCIS.
  10. Removed HP Advisor toolbar from taskbar.
  11. Changed Windows Update to "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them."
  12. As of now, there are 59 processes.
  13. Uninstalled Snapfish Picture Mover.
  14. Deleted 'eBay' and 'Snapfish Photos - First 25 Prints Free' shortcuts from Start menu.
  15. Added CPU Meter gadget to Sidebar, and closed the Feed Headlines gadget.
  16. Installed HP Pocket Media Drive (160GB) and restarted computer.
  17. Unchecked "Launch HP Advisor automatically on start-up" since it keeps opening a dock window.
  18. Creating a backup set of DVDs (3 needed) to bring this machine back to it's factory condition.