Does 'Clown Shoes' Refer to Something Other Than Shoes?

If you’re like me, and I’ll be assuming that you are during this article, then you’ve probably seen a lot more use of ‘clown shoes’ on the Internet. For whatever reason, this is not occurring simply on sites in the industry of ‘all things clown’, but is also occurring on some of the larger, and more popular, web communities.

I’m curious as to whether there is any real guide to what this means. Surely, there are not that many people that would be interested in this topic, are there? Are there that many new clowns, or clowns in need of new shoes, prowling about these days? And does “That’s clown shoes” really make a complete sentence?

I suppose all we can do is hope that someone, someday, may aid our plight, by explaining ‘clown shoes’ to us, the few that have read this article and are left wondering what it’s all about…


Gavin Schmitt has been kind enough to fill me in on what ‘clown shoes’ means, as well as how it should be used. You can find his article, On The Origin of The Saying "Clown Shoes", at While you’re there, take a look at his other articles, fiction, and poetry.


Created: January 7th 2005
Modified: January 10th 2005; February 5th 2005
Notes: Assistance understanding ‘clown shoes’ is greatly appreciated… and has been given by Gavin Schmitt. See the update below.