Yakuza 4: Tanimura Hostess Guide

  • September 18, 2011
  • James Skemp
  • gaming

This is a very rough guide for the hostesses for Tanimura for Yakuza 4. This only includes the questions/answers I needed to complete his hostesses.

Chihiro (Jewel)

Italian Scarf +.25 - never wore

Orange Juice +1

Fruit Platter +1

When I was twenty?

I wasn't interested in love yet. +1

I see.

It's nothing, really. +1

What do you think of a girl who can't drink?

It's cute. +1

Something interesting? Well...

Ameba Pigg. +1

I had acting lessons (email)

You could try looking at other performances.

Spa (8 hearts): Chest +1

Hang out > Karaoke

===10 hearts to 15


Well, at least it was a good experience. +1

He would never do that kind of thing!

I'm sorry. Being a cop makes me suspicious. +1


Most attractive feature (14 hearts): Eyes +? (at least .25)


Do you know any good ways to get rid of stress?

There's nothing better than karaoke.

Green tea (email)

"I'm kind of picky about Chinese tea."




===15 hears to 20


Something interesting? Well...

777 Town.


I know this is your big chance, but... +1

It's all thanks to your advice. I really appreciate it.

It's a too bad, though. +1

If you keep talking like that, I'm gonna get all choked up.

Call me any time you feel lonely. +? (at least .25)


Karaoke (email)

"Let's have a sing off."

Himeka (Shine)

Popularity Bracelet +.5

Mini Skirt Dress (Pink) +.5 (worn after 2nd date)

Orange Juice -.5

Chicken Basket +1


This is my pet, Mr. Meowy! Pretty cute, huh?

I'm more of a dog person. +2

Sure it does. I'd do anything to be taller!

I could give you a ride on my shoulders. +1

Seriously?! I had no idea! I'd love to go! You really know a lot about this city, eh?

Have fun. +1


8 hearts+: Massage > Legs +1


He ended up dumping me... He said he couldn't stand eating with me anymore.

He was being a jerk. +? (at least .75)

You think someone like me could ever get married?

You just have to find a man who can cook.

Yeah, I just love a man who can make me laugh.

(Try telling a joke.)


Snowboarding (email)

I'm good at snowboarding, too. +.25


(date) > Hot Springs

I can't stand those people, either.


===10 to 15

He comes in almost every day now. It makes me depressed to think about tomorrow.

Why don't you just wait and see what happens? +1

Maybe I should quit blogging altogether.

That's just running away form the problem. +1

You okay with me asking you for advice? I don't know if I can keep working here without your support.

Maybe you should quit being a hostess. +1


14+: Wash > Face +? (at least .25)


Drink responsibly! (email)

That's because you beg for drinks so much. +.25


(date) > Karoake


===15 to 20

Something interesting? Well...

The footbaths at Yunosono Hot Springs. +1

(Phone calls) Hmm...

Leave this to me. +1

What do you think I should do?

Wouldn't you regret it if you left now? +1

But where should I go?

If you've never been, I'd go to Korea. +? (at least .75)

Um... Do you think I could ever be your wife?

Let's just worry about Kashiwabara for now. +?

So jealous! (email)

Do you want to go on a trip with me sometime?

Nanami (Elise)


Really? You're a policeman?! Are you one of the higher ups, by any chance?

Unfortunately, no.

All right. My fee is that you request me whenever you come here.

You don't beat around the bush, do you?


Fruit Platter +1

Charismatic Ring +.5

Popularity Bracelet +.5


Yes. Can you guess what it was?

You're looking for an eligible man? +1

I could never do that. You should really try to apply yourself to your work or you'll never be anything but a loser.

Ouch... +1

Do you have any plans for your future?

I'd like to walk a beat in a small town. +1


Thank you for choosing me (email)

"You're a really interesting girl." +.25


You didn't think I was writing to you personally, did you?

You shouldn't play that kind of trick on a cop. +1

Do you think you measure up in that department?

I've always been good at solving puzzles. +1


8+ hearts - what do you first notice? > Hands +.5

Think of it as a chance to talk and drink with girls. Otherwise, you're probably just wasting your money.

No, I'm going to find a girlfriend this way. +1

Customers like that are more common than you might think. I don't care how much they pay, I can't stand them.

So what kind of things are okay to talk about? +? (at least .25)

Yep! How much money do you have saved?

A good amount. +?

What kind of things do you like to talk about?

I'm interested in social issues. +?


This... (email)

"I look forward to seeing you again." +.25


Watami > Iron Skillet Potstickers +0

===10 to 15 hearts

Am I wrong?

You can be happy without money, you know. +1

I've been thinking about chaning my hairstyle. What do you think?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

No that's no the case. He would never do that to me.

You almost sound like his mother. +1


14+ hearts - What do you think I should learn? > Mouth +? (at least .75)


It would be inspired by the latest trends in Kamurocho hostess clubs and make them available nationwide. I think it could be really popular.

Sounds like a good idea. +?


High price to pay (email)

"I hate it when people cancel on me suddenly." +.5


Watami > Sashimi Platter +?

===15 to 20 hearts

Something interesting, eh? Well...

777 Town. +.5

Yes... Apparently my brother was so intent on making money for the club that he forced some customers to order things they couldn't afford.

Sounds familiar. +1

Anyway, I've been thinking about quitting my job at the cosmetics company so I can focus on my business.

What about your job at the club? +1

But you wouldn't be my customer anymore. It would be a little strange.

Maybe it's our chance for love. +1

Stressed out (email)

"Champagne is asking a little too much..."