XML parsing with PHP (and ColdFusion) and /ROOT

Last night, I was working through a great tutorial that steps through how to create a basic XML parser in PHP. Unfortunately, what I was going to use it for (a local Attention Recorder parser) isn't going to be possible, since the extension's XML isn't quite valid.

I was hoping to at least get /ROOT Vaults to work today, in that case, but no dice on support.  So, I'll be attempting to reset my password once again, in the hope that it was just a two day problem ...

I don't have much confidence in that, however, so I'll be working on the XML parser (for PHP, and then sharing how I went about creating it), and looking at doing something in ColdFusion as well.  CF has native support, for 6.1 and 7, so it should just be a matter of writing the code.