XML-based CD library: Draft layout

Following close on the heels of my XML-based book library draft (and release), below is a draft layout for keeping track of my CDs.

Here's what I currently track:

  • Artist
  • CD Name
  • Date bought
  • Place bought
  • Bought price
  • Number of songs
  • Time (which I don't fill in very often)
  • Misc info/notes

Following the iTunes standard, each CD has a main artist. Songs, which could be listed (and which I listed back when I had this in Access, I did so), could have their own artists.

It would be nice to be able to tie this in with an iTunes library's XML export, but I'm not quite sure how that would be done.

I also feel it important to have this XML since it stores purchase information (but the songs and time could easily drop).

Based on this, draft layout is as follows.

  • albums
    • album id=""
      • title
      • artist
      • purchase
        • date
        • place
        • price
      • notes

Artist could become artists with children of artist, and a format element could be added rather easily. However, since I'm not sure that tracking artists is the primary purpose ... I'm going to leave it as it is.

As before, items in italics are optional.

Once the schema has been created, I'll post a link.