Wrox feedback - July 11 2008

I never heard from them on my last batch of feedback for the Professional version, and they still aren't posted, but Imar confirmed the one errata I pointed out on his book.

Additional errata for Professional ASP.NET 3.5 In C# and VB:

Page 579, last sentence: Welcome.html should be Welcome.htm

Page 581, first paragraph: Welcome.html should be Welcome.htm (x2) and Start.html should be Start.htm

Page 628: Figure 13-1 is the incorrect image.

Page 630, last sentence: The 't' in 'the' should be capitalized (first word in the sentence).

Page 690, second paragraph, 3rd line: The first instance of 'Finance' should be 'Markets'

Page 720, first pargraph: 'Shown in bold' should be 'highlighted'

Page 783: Figure 16-10 is incorrect.

Page 879: Figure 18-10, third div box is incorrect (closing line should be one line down).

Page 976, first full paragraph, second sentence: Missing 'of' - 'using a mouse instead of typing'

Page 977, first sentence: unnecessary 'see'

Page 1004, first paragraph: I don't believe that IE is the only browser that supports this. Granted, you'll be prompted in Firefox, but I believe you can still authenticate …

Page 1046: 'C# - Default.asp' should be 'C# - Default.aspx'

Page 1186: first paragraph in Figure 25-15 does not match the code

Page 1204, third line: 'Controlproject' should be 'Control project'

Page 1206, last line in note: 'propertys' should be 'properties'

Page 1210, 2nd line: By Listing 26-6 the text means 26-10.

Page 1210, 2nd to last paragraph: By Listing 26-1 the text means 26-10.

Page 1276: Figure 27-1 refers to IIS7, but it seems this should be IIS5/6/7 classic

Page 1288: Figure 27-5 and 27-6 are incorrect. -5 should be -6, and the real 27-5 is MIA.

Page 1345: Results of Listing 29-11 have an incorrect xmlns value.

Page 1389, 5th paragraph, 2nd sentence: missing '? '

Page 1406, first sentence: IntelliSense should have a capital 'I'

Page 1500, second sentence: "You'll find them …"

Page 1529, second paragraph: dash is unneeded.

Page 1532, 1st paragraph: The production server is drive Y, not Z.