Windows 10 touchpad fix for the ASUS X200M

I recently decided to upgrade my ASUS X200M, after successfully upgrading my mom's. Unfortunately, after upgrading my machine I ran into an issue where the touchpad was completely unresponsive, and I was forced to either use the touchscreen or a USB mouse.

After a bit of looking around I found a post on CNET's forums that detailed a way to fix unresponsive touchpads in Windows 10. While the original question was about an Asus Transformer T100, this also worked for the X200M.

The steps are replicated below, since I trust my site to be up longer than CNET's forums.

Go to

  1. Start (Windows Button)
  2. Settings
  3. Devices
  4. Mouse & Touchpad
  5. Scroll down to Related Settings and click "Additional mouse options"
  6. When the mouse properties window pops up, click on the ELAN tab
  7. Click your device and click "Enable".

With these steps done my touchpad was once again responsive.

If you can't click, you may have to download Smart Gesture for Windows 10 from the ASUS web site.

It appears that because I had an external mouse plugged into a USB port it was determining that it didn't need the touchpad to be on. While this sounds nice, I generally find myself keeping the USB receiver always plugged in, so in practice it's not ideal.