Why Should We Care About Strangers? Or Should We?

Back when I was in college, I can recall talking to one Ms. Tessa Gruszynski regarding how, basically, I was going to stop caring about, or being kind to, strangers. I believe the particular item was holding open doors for people who would make no gesture of thanks.

Of course, I continued to open doors for people.

Even today, a number of years later, I still open doors for strangers, both physically as well as mentally. Yet, I can't help but wonder whether I should be doing what I am doing. Should I be kind towards strangers? If so, why? Are we kind towards others only because of what we believe we may receive in return? Should I act unselfishly and not open doors for strangers? Should I even open doors for those that I care about?

This, then, is an open call. Tell me, tell all that read this, why we should care about strangers. Or, should we? Email me or leave a comment and let me know what you think. I'll be using your comments to finish this piece.