What I've been up to (Feb '09 edition)

As my last post may have suggested ... I've been playing games.

Here's a small taste of the games currently on my plate.

Playstation 2

Shadow Hearts: From the New World was close to completion .. before I bought an Xbox 360.

Persona 3: Fes still remains to be started, and ditto for Persona 4 ... Yes, I didn't even start Persona 4. Yes, I know how good reviews said it is. (I did pre-order it, after all.)

Disgaea needs to be 'finished,' and Disgaea 2 needs to be started.

While I didn't finish the first, I pre-ordered Devil Summoner 2 ... How could I not? If it's great, I'd never be able to get a copy again.

Playstation 3

I just picked up Flower the other day, and really enjoyed it.

Disgaea 3 has been out for a while, and they're releasing questionable character packs, but ... it's still supposedly a solid game. Need to pick up a copy ...

Xbox 360

Lost Odyssey is my current game of choice. Maybe a week more for that to be finished.

I should get further in Skate, but it's certainly not Tony Hawk ... This might be a rainy day game.

Blue Dragon and Infinite Undiscovery need to be started. Probably once I finished Lost Odyssey I'll do so.

Fallout 3 seemingly still has a couple of major bugs. This the only reason I haven't been playing it as much as I'd like; it's really a pretty awesome game.

Fable 2, also seemingly had bugs, but they may be fixed? If so, this sounds like a definite buy.

Others that I missed

After writing this, I realized I missed a couple.

Valkyria Chronicles (Playstation 3) has been getting very good reviews, and the demo I played wasn't too shabby.

I played the demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Playstation 3, and was tempted. All things being equal, this is probably something I'll pick up for the Xbox 360 at some point. (For the power aspect, not the Star Wars/George Lucas aspect.)

Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360) has gotten 'eh' reviews, but I starred it for some reason ... probably a video review.

Lost Planet (Xbox 360) and The Last Remnant (Xbox 360) are for picking up when they're cheap, since the last is supposedly pretty 'eh,' while the second has graphics issues, and needs a patch.



Even though life is merely striving, it's good to know that I won't suffer from boredom on account of not having enough video games to enjoy ...