Well done, Amazon (re: Amazon Cloud)

Well done, Amazon.

They've been saying for quite a while that music was heading towards the 'cloud,' and while it seemed for a while that everyone was betting on Apple doing it first, you've trumped them, with what seems like a very consumer-friendly service.

5 GB for everyone? Check.

Free upgrade to 20 GB if you buy an Amazon MP3 album? Check.

Amazon MP3s purchased and stored to the cloud (seemingly at purchase) don't count against your limit? Check.

And you can still download said MP3s to your computer later? Check.

Way to go, Amazon. I'm still afraid Wisconsin is going to force you to charge tax on purchases at the time of purchase, and it's going to result in the closure of my Associates account (I like being able to hold off until the end of the year when I file my taxes, but realize most people don't report), but overall I'm very happy to be a proud Amazon.com customer.