Warhawk: January 2008 goals

Right before Christmas of 2007, I purchased a copy of Warhawk, for the Playstation 3. I didn't pick it up until the day after Christmas (what a bad idea; I should have just purchased in store, but ...) and have played a mere 16 hours (94 games).

With my total points of 1153, I'm only 113315 out of the 410195 players, world wide. Granted, that's not too terribly bad, but I need to make a goal if I'm going to apply myself. So ...

By the end of January ...

  • Global ranking of 100,000 or better.
    • As of now, 1/14/08 @ 17:45, that means more than 1467 points.
      • At 8:45 this morning, it meant more than 1460 points.
  • Stay above 15,000 in Death Match points
    • Currently 14,982 (1/14/08 @ 17:45)
  • Go, and stay, above 40,000 in Team Death Match
    • Currently 42,864 (1/14/08 @ 17:45)
  • Go, and stay, above 140,000 in Capture the Flag, but below 125,000
    • Currently 141,930 (1/14/08 @ 17:45)
  • Go, and stay, above 130,000 in Zones
    • Currently 134,529 (1/14/08 @ 17:45)
  • Keep the Combat / Team point ratio at .75 or higher
    • Currently .9 (1/14/08 @ 17:45)

We'll see how things go. With around 100 people joining an hour, it makes it a bit difficult to not lose a lot of ground, especially since I've only been playing during the weekends.

Of course, it helps that I've got next Monday off, but so do a lot of other people around the world ...

Want to see how I'm doing? Check the Leaderboards. Obviously, I'm strivinglife.


01/14/2008 @ 22:00: Looking at the numbers, that means I'm shooting for the following points, in the different modes:

  • DM: 225
  • TDM: 750
  • CTF: 400 (since the largest point gains happen in this mode, I think by the end of the month the 125,000 rank average will be over 400; it sits at 380 now-ish)
  • Zones: 300 

That makes a total of around 2000 points, give or take, depending upon how the other averages increase/decrease. Just looking at the numbers (225 in DM!), I think I'm going to fail at DM top 15,000, but I'm okay being in the top 20,000 instead ...

01/18/2008 @ 15:00: At this point, I've surpassed my CTF goals, and therefore not done very well.

After just four games of CTF, spanning 2 hours, I got exactly 200 points (36 + 57 + 70 + 37), putting my rank at around 117,000 (of 416,464 total players). However, the point total to get into the top 125,000 of CTF changes about 5 points a day, sitting around 395 right now. If I stopped now, and accounting for weekends, I should remain between my target ranks.

My TDM rank slid quite a bit, which means it's time to get some more of those in. Zones was giving me approximately 15 points per game, which means I'll probably need to get in some of those games as well today ... Supposedly those really good at Zones really suck in aircraft, so I'm hoping to pick up some more kills there.

By the way, after gaining 200 points, I jumped around 7500 places (from 112,906 to 104,338) in total rank. Not bad after only 104 games.