Wacom and Digital Innovator

Some time ago, I purchased a Wacom Graphire (the larger 6 x 8 model) direct from Wacom (since the local shops either didn't carry or were sold out). Since then, I've completed two surveys and received two DVDs from the Digital Innovator series.

On the one hand, the Digital Innovator series is a big plug for Wacom's digital pen solutions. The users in the videos primarily use the Cintiq family of products which, quite frankly, are amazing. Yet, at the same time, you're given pretty good tips on how to use the technology - both hard and soft - to both create something amazing, and do it quickly and easily.

For what the DVDs provide, $30 is a bit steep. Yet, as an incentive, they're worth their weight in gold to Wacom. Having used my Graphire tablet at home for the last number of months, I've found it to extremely intuitive, and it seems as though my wrist has been hurting less because of it.

Unfortunately, a) I work with text so much that a mouse (something that I can easily set down, nudge, ...) has it's benefits and b) I only use it at home - I have a standard mouse at home. Nonetheless, I would only trade my Graphire for one of Wacom's other products.