Video review: Philips DLP2277 Attachable Battery Pack and Charging Base for iPhone and iPod (White)

  • February 26, 2011
  • James Skemp
  • review

When I ordered this item I was expecting only what the box suggested; a battery pack that could be connected to the iPod, which would charge the phone, and in turn be charged by the base station.

Instead what I got was a box full of goodies.

First you have the battery itself, which while of a fairly large size, seems to fit perfectly with the odd case I have for my iPod Touch. The connection from the battery to the iPod has some amount of flexibility, which is rather nice.

This battery can then be charged either by setting it on top of the charging station, or you can plug a USB (mini B, I believe) into it directly and charge that way.

The base station is of a nice enough design that I had no difficulty setting the battery on it.

It too has a USB cable for power.

Additionally the package comes with a power outlet to USB device, which means that I can also use my standard iPod cable to charge just the iPod. Since I was thinking I'd have to purchase one of these anyways, this makes for an extremely great package.

The only downside with this product is that the connection into the iPod is large enough that I can't plug into the headphone jack when the battery is connected. This is unfortunate, but can be worked around, and isn't a big enough issue that I'd downgrade my rating of 5 stars.

In short, an amazing number of components with the package, allowing for a number of charging possibilities.