Collection down after opening - resolution

We've been running into an issue, off and on, with ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 having issues with Verity collections.

During one of our nightly jobs, two Verity collections are purged, through ColdFusion, and then re-built. 

Sometimes this will bring the collection down, resulting in a message like the following.

Collection down after opening (10)

Using the mdvdk executable, you can get some information about the collection, and even bring it back up.

mdvdk can be found in the \verity\k2\_nti40\bin\ directory, within the ColdFusion root directory.

You can get information about the status of the collection through this: 

mkvdk -collection <path to collection> -about

You don't use the online option/switch, but rather the repair one to bring the collection back online.

mkvdk -collection <path to collection> -repair

You should be able to reindex successfully.

I also changed the code to do a refresh, instead of a purge, since the former doesn't take the collection offline.

You can find additional options by using the following:

mkvdk -help