Using Xml4Ssp 1.3 Rev 1

Xml4Ssp is a Windows XML generator for SlideShowPro. While the program still needs some work, it's pretty usable as it is.

Since there's no real documentation, I'll be covering how I ended up using it to generate my latest gallery.

Starting folder structure

I began with the following folder structure:

  • casio_images
    •  Pearl
      • FullsizeImage
      • Images
      • Thumb

The only folder that contained content was the FullsizeImage directory, in which I dumped my JPG originals.

Xml4Ssp setup

Assuming it's already installed and started, I created a New gallery.

Next, I browsed to the gallery folder, and began filling out the rest as follows.

Browse gallery folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\temp\casio_images

Album options

Images folder name: FullsizeImag
Album Title/Description: Use Foldername
Use Permalinks: None

Image options

Search for: JPG
Images caption: Use Filename
Use Hyperlink: None
Larger Image Folder: FullsizeImage

Thumb Options

Thumb folder name: Thumb
Create Thumbnails (checked)
Width: 100
Height: 75
Constrain proportion by Width
Resize method: nearest neighbor (Default)
Quality: 50


Once I generated, it successfully created the thumbnails, but did not create the resized images. This leads me to believe that the FullsizeImage directory is not resized at all.

On the one hand this is good, on the other, it would be nice if it did. You can fix this by saving the generated XML file and changing the Thumb folder name to another directory. Next, change the width/height/constrains/quality accordingly.

And with that, you've generated a gallery, with the necessary XML file, in less than usual time!