Upgrading Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate (right now)

About 30 minutes ago I started upgrading from Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate, using a NFS copy of Ultimate I received at the Heroes Happen {Here} event in 'Madison' (today).

For the most part, everything is backed up, so it should be a painless install, no matter what happens.

Five steps;

  1. Copying Windows files
  2. Gathering files
  3. Expanding files
  4. Installing features and updates
  5. Completing upgrade

What's initially scary is the "Your upgrade may take several hours to complete." line at the bottom of the screen.

But, I've got Zatoichi 9 that I'm watching, so ... it shouldn't be all that bad.

(I do wish I would have installed Visual Studio 2008 after I had upgraded, though, but I wasn't sure that I'd be able to, so ...)