Upgrading to BlogEngine.NET 1.4.5

With the release of BlogEngine.NET 1.4.5 a bit ago ... it was time to give it another go upgrading.

Quick notes on my experience:

  1. Downloaded and FTP'd the zip.
  2. Remoted into my VPS. 
  3. Extracted the contents of the zip to another folder.
  4. Unchecked read-only on the extracted contents.
  5. Backed up my complete BlogEngine directory.
    1. I had issues with roles.xml not being accessible. For some reason I had to set the owner again ...
  6. Created app_offline.htm file in BlogEngine directory, and tested this displayed. 
  7. Begin moving all files/directories over, excluding app_data. I use the rewrite method so I don't have to go around setting up permissions again.
  8. Made necessary change to robots.txt.
  9. Recycle app pool.
  10. Rename app_offline.htm
  11. Recycle app pool again.
  12. Reset main account's password.

I was getting a 404 for Default.aspx when I was remoted in, so I had to pull the app_offline file and hope for the best. It took a while to start back up, but ... it's up and my core posts are working.

Now I get to start checking my various themes to see how they work.