Ubuntu 7.04 - Server Edition installed

I'm using a computer with a 40 GB hard drive and 512 MB of RAM. So ...

#1 - primary - 1.2 GB - swap - swap
#3 - primary - 22.3 GB - ext3 - /home
#5 - logical - 15.0 GB - ext3 - /
#6 - logical - 1.5 GB - fat32 - /mnt/shared

This was based upon my previous install, where I had the following:

/ = 6.7 GB, 59% was used
/home = 9.3 GB, 5% used
(swap was 1.2 GB?)

The other 20 GB was the Windows XP installation.

Getting it partitioned just right took a bit of time ...

Once the server installation was done, I decided to install ubuntu-desktop (yikes, that was almost an hour). What I should have done was install Lynx (see a little further below) so I could have at least browsed a bit while I was waiting ... but I had my Windows machine up, so I was able to get some work done while I was waiting.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

Once that finally stopped, a reboot.

sudo reboot

Unfortunately, now the GUI is starting automatically. After some research online ...

sudo apt-get sysv-rc-conf

sudo sysv-rc-conf

I unchecked the level 2 boxes for bluetooth and gdm.


Now you'll have to login, but AMP will automatically be started (tested by checking another machine on my network).

sudo apt-get install lynx

sudo gdm start

... or ...

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start

And if you want to stop gdm (Ubuntu's default GUI) use this at a terminal:

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop

If you do sudo gdm stop, then it keeps trying to restart, and it's dang annoying … (because it never stops in the first place)

Another login required ...

Then it's uninstalling the Games and installing gkrellm.

If I do this again, I'll definitely need to take a look at the minimal version of ubuntu-desktop ...

Now I've got to reconfigure Firefox, reconfigure Apache, and reinstall ColdFusion. I'm debating PostgreSQL ...