Two views of 'space' from Tarthang Tulku


" [...] open-ended centerless center ... Space."

Both from the Epigraph of Tarthang Tulku's Time, Space, and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality.

This is the second thing that has come up in the recent days that has brought me back into Philosophy - the first thing I recall, but I can't find the sheet I wrote it on. Basically, it is this:

If one strives towards striving, do they ever obtain their goal (of striving towards striving)? Does one strive, realize that they have reached their goal and stop striving, only to begin again (since they have stopped)? Or, does one strive continually, never reaching their goal?

Posited from a different direction, if the world is Will, and the Will is constantly striving, does that mean that we, as representations of the Will, never obtain any goals we set out to accomplish, or does it mean that we do not really set any goals?