The State of the Web - A Trailer

“It's true that I have some of my best thoughts at night ... or at least, so they then seem.”

“Web 2.0 promises to bring us a unified Web, a Web joined together under the collective banner of Collaboration.”

But the new paradigm is just the old with new voices. The new Web has it's collaborators, but that hasn't changed the number of kingdoms.

“Come to us and help us build the best ___! However, you must share your knowledge to benefit the whole.”

Did we really sign up for the rehashing of the same old content on site after site, all because of collaboration? Are the crowds better or worse than the individual? And, at what cost the unified crowd? Have we lost the power of the individual within the common man?

It may be that the crowd is wise, but with so many crowds, which are we to believe when they speak the opposite?

I'd rather have the smart, the average, and the dumb working alone or in clumps than unified under one banner, for that way leads to naught but stupidity.

“Kill the krowd and save MAN!”

Create your content, but keep it as your's; don't let them take it from you and divide it to the common denominator.

Teach men to fish. Teach men to think.

“If you expect us to believe your promise of unification, then you must begin by unifying the movement itself.”

“Can man perceive the world without his own senses? Can he act without being active? No.”