The Kinect is selling really well; but is that good for gamers?

Techmeme had a couple of interesting titles this evening. "Kinect is Selling 2X as Fast as the iPad" and "Microsoft: Over 2.5M Kinect Sold."

Even if I thought I had the space for it (I'd have to move furniture every time I wanted to play it in my current apartment) I still wouldn't pick up the Kinect.


First there's the price. At $150 you might as well buy a PSP (which I did) or a Nintendo DSi. Either of which would solve the second issue, which is a lack of good games for that $150 you threw down.

Now there's a couple of reasons it's done so well. First, it's fairly unique as a gaming device. Second, they've marketed it to almost no end (I wonder how many devices they just gave away during their blitz?). Third, it's fast approaching the holiday season, which means parents buying gifts for kids.

You also have those who are using the device for purposes other than those intended, but that's admitedly a very small chunk of that number.

But what's unfortunate is that it's doing so well, when there's so few games, which makes me afraid that the price on the device will drop rapidly, simply because it's become a niche device with no games developed for it, and those that are in line with what you can get on the Wii.

In short, games that the older 'style' of gamer won't want to play.

Sony's Move seems like a better technology, as it builds upon the success (and science, if you will) of the Wii's controller, but moves it to a platform that can deliver much better graphically. Unfortunately, it too suffers from too few launch titles, although seemingly offers more in the next year. And of course a number of existing games have already been updated to now offer Move support (such as Heavy Rain). But, it hasn't been marketed anywhere near as much as the Kinect has, and it doesn't draw a big audience because it's too similar to the Wii.

The Wii, which suffers from a large number of shovelware titles, made only to take advantage of the uniqueness of the console's controller.

But perhaps history won't repeat itself ...