The Daily Show is now available online

One of the view things I miss about cable is The Daily Show. Thankfully, I can now get my fix, as well as catch up on older shows, online, legally.

The archives are available from the Show's Videos area.

Among the gems is this one on the recent healthcare veto: Headlines - Kids' Healthcare Veto.

The short commercial at the beginning and end are fairly non-obtrusive, save when they cut into the end abruptly.

More shows/stations should do this, especially when they have such a popular show. After all, the more people talk about a show, the more likely the show is to gain even more popularity. And, if I can watch clips on the show or station site, they have more control over what I'm shown, instead of one of the many sites out there were videos can be hosted.

I do like what Cartoon Network does with their Adult Swim videos, however, so I definitely think they could borrow from that site as far as switching from one video to another. While The Daily Show is much more about the individual clips, you would think there would be a way to move throughout the show, or watch one segment after the other (with an ad thrown in every once in a while to make things even).

In short, it needs some work to be as good a user-interface as elsewhere, but it's an excellent start, and a very good idea.