Taking a break from the tutorial

Setting up ColdFusion (for the second time, after uninstalling my first setup) was actually pretty easy. However, it's very corporate usage, along with the large file size, installation size, and memory usage, all add up to make ColdFusion relatively painful for the average user.

Nonetheless, it's a language that I want to work in more, even though I can only use it in production at work, so I've installed it on my development server (and sometime next week, you'll be able to as well).

On another note, I have a couple of good customer service items to bring up.

In December-ish, I picked up a Graphire 4, direct from Wacom. As I noted a few posts ago, I received a free DVD after completing a survey, on Photoshop techniques. I emailed customer service about a week ago, asking about when they may get some new pen nubs. The one that came with my pen and tablet is still usable, but I'd really like to have some spares. While they are still out of stock, they sent me two free nubs, which I received in a matter of days. Great customer service, in my opinion.

Secondly, I ordered the Adobe Photoshop CS2 Classroom in a Book from Adobe Press, direct. Today I received the item, via UPS, and while I thought I'd have to drive into Middleton to pick it up, they were actually able to leave it here - both examples of great service, especially when you consider that I only had to pay for the book and tax - UPS standard delivery was free.

I'm a massive eight pages into the book, so that's why I'm skipping out with the tutorial post. Even though it would take less time, we all need a break today.

Look for the MySQL tutorial tomorrow evening, followed by the second part of it (in a way) on either Saturday or Sunday.