How to Backup SNES Saves With the Super UFO Pro 8

  • June 10, 2017
  • James Skemp
  • gaming

For the last handful plus years I’ve been worried about losing some of the saves I have on a few SNES (Super Nintendo) games.

Recently I saw a video review by My Life in Gaming on the Super UFO Pro 8, which promises to be able to copy carts, as well as backup saves.

Based upon that video I decided to ignore some of the negative reviews of the Super UFO Pro 8 and pickup one from eBay (which was slightly cheaper, and faster, than picking one up from Amazon).

And I’m glad I did, since now I finally have backup saves of my Earthbound, Secret of Mana, and Super Metroid. Here’s what I did.

How to Backup SNES Saves

Since the instruction manual is a bit of a mess, here’s how to backup saves from SNES games with the Super UFO Pro 8.

  1. Highlight the third icon in the first row
  2. Press B
  3. Select SRAM CART to UFO
  4. Select SRAM UFO to SDC
  5. Press Start
  6. Enter characters via B
  7. Press Start to save data
  8. Press Y to back out
  9. Power off your SNES, unplug the cart, and plug another one in.

At this point I haven’t tried reloading the save data onto the cart, but as long as you name the file the same as the ROM, you can load these extracted saves via SNES9X (at least on Windows).

Full review to come at some point, I’m sure, but I’d say it’s worth the $50 since I was able to preserve SNES saves I care about.