Subversion repository dump: WPF and Silverlight application, with MVVM (revision 25)

As alluded to in a previous post, in regards to an excellent Silverlight/WPF with MVVM tutorial, I've begun looking into the MVVM pattern, as I begin moving towards WPF and Silverlight for applications.

Having fully watched the series twice, and begun a third watch working through the example, albeit with the Northwind sample database, I decided to share my labor with others.

To that end I present a Subversion repository dump with a fairly step-by-step look at how to go from nothing to a simple application with WPF and Silverlight support. Built in Visual Studio 2010, against .NET 4.

Download the Subversion (version 1.6.13) repository dump: NorthwindExamples dump.

The repository currently consists of 25 revisions, and does not yet include unit testing. (I need to re-watch those particular videos before I implement.) I also made one mistake with the ViewModel class not being public, but ... otherwise it's not too bad.

You can also download an export of the repository, again through revision 25: NorthwindExamples export.

Note that you'll want to set either Northwind.Service or Northwind.WpfClient as the startup projects. If the former, set Northwind.SilverlightTestPage.html as the startup page.