Simple Journal 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 of Simple Journal is now available for download.

Simple Journal is meant to be exactly that; a very simple way to keep track of a journal.

Simple Journal uses XML files to store entries, which are edited in HTML (uses TinyMCE for the WYSIWYG editor) and which allow supplementation and later updates.

Download Simple Journal 1.0.

To use Simple Journal extract the contents of the zip file to a directory and start _startCassini.bat. You'll see a dummy start page, with a link to the administrative area.

Click on Create new journal to create a new journal. The journal will be saved, by default, in the root of the install directory. Entries can be added using the appropriate administrative page.

By default there is no security on the administrative pages. Unless you want anyone to be able to edit entries, DO NOT push the Admin directory to a publically available Web site. This application is meant to run on an individual computer or USB drive. However, there's nothing to stop you from publishing the individual XML files and the XSL file (keeping these in the same directory).

You'll need the current version of the .NET Framework to run this application. No other requirements should be necessary.

Questions and comments welcome and appreciated.

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Simple Journal was created as a way for me to write something every day, without worrying about quality or purpose.

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