Second Web site ported over to ASP.NET MVC 2

After converting one Web site over to ASP.NET MVC 2 yesterday, I ported my second one today.

The first Web site was originally just a bunch of static HTML pages, so it was fairly easy to move over. This one,, gets all of its data from a collection of XML files. Using LINQ to XML the files are read and parsed out to the page, using a Repeater control.

Unfortunately, when I was creating the site I had run into issues with that Repeater control not acting as I would have liked. Luckily, now that I've moved to ASP.NET MVC those issues have been eliminated.

While the addresses changed for every page save the home page (and the static content), the Web.config was more than able to handle these via some httpRedirect elements.

    <location path="LogParserExpressions.aspx">
            <httpRedirect enabled="true" destination="/Expressions" exactDestination="true" childOnly="true" httpResponseStatus="Permanent"/>

Memory usage didn't jump as much as for the static site, but there was still an increase from approximately 14 K (with all pages visited) to a little under 29 K (again with all pages visited).

On the bright side, it's highly likely that I'll now add additional functionality to the site. However, I believe I'll need to tweak the data access classes a bit before I go too far down that path.

Overall, I'm happy to be able to move away from Web Forms for this site.