Root /Vault

Thanks to some great service yesterday, I've successfully logged into my Vault again, and am seeing actual data. I have a day and a half of data, but I'm already quite impressed with the user interface. I'm also extremely impressed by the feedback I've received from individuals involved in the project.

This is definitely something that I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops in the near future. They've definitely hit on something big.

Since I haven't provided it yet, here's the links:

  1. You'll first need to download/install the Firefox extension.
  2. I recommend downloading the one for Root Vaults.
  3. If you've downloaded the Root Vaults extension (it's past time to see what the official name is) then create an account at
  4. Once you've restarted your browser, logged in, and accepted the Root cookie, you should only need to log in to view your data. Post a comment below and we can setup an exchange. I'm, appropriately, strivinglife.