Review: tech21 EVO ELITE Protectective Case for the Samsung Galaxy S7

  • September 18, 2016
  • James Skemp
  • review

The following is a review of the tech21 EVO ELITE Protectective Case for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Slim, with access to all ports, and feels secure

When I first picked up my Samsung Galaxy S7 a handful of months ago I naturally needed a case for it. My carrier, US Cellular, had a sale going on, so while I normally wouldn’t, I decided to pick up a case for my device in-store.

Of all the options they had the tech21 EVO ELITE Protectective Case most appealed to me, primarily because of its slim shape, and that it still supposedly offered about 6 and a half feet of drop protection. I don’t drop my device very often, but it has happened, so I was looking for something with protection, but also slim enough that it still fit in my pocket.

The case only covers the sides and back of the device, so you’ll still need some sort of screen protection.

It offers full access to all ports, with extra space around the headphone and power jacks. Each of the three buttons, power and both volume controls, is covered by plastic buttons built into the case, which I’ve had no issues using. The camera and flash on the back of the phone are completely open.

Since the top is open, the sides of the cases slips only slightly to the top of the phone, and has causes absolutely no issues with touch on the sides, no blocking of the display.

Unlike some cases, the plastic of the tech21 EVO ELITE Protectective Case is made of a softish material, which means I’ve had no issues with slight cracking of the case, despite taking it on and off my phone more than a couple times. It does slightly pick up finger prints and grease from the skin, but wiping it off is easy enough. It does display scuffs a bit, of which I have a couple after normal use.

If you’re looking for a slim case for a Samsung Galaxy S7, I highly recommend the tech21 EVO ELITE Protectective Case. Five of five stars.