Review: Summer Infant 3DPac Stroller

  • July 29, 2018
  • James Skemp
  • review

The following is a review of the Summer Infant 3DPac Stroller, Lightweight and Compact Carseat Adaptible Design with Convenient One Hand Fold, and Reclining Seat and Extra-Large Canopy for Comfort, received as part of the Amazon Vine program.

Just Wish it Were Easy to Unfold and Had More Storage

Our son recently got too big for his infant-sized car seat/carrier, which meant that one of our strollers, which depended upon the carrier, could no longer be used. We’ve been sticking with Graco for his various carriers, so we were initially looking at getting a new stroller in that brand, but when the Summer Infant 3DPac Stroller showed up on Vine we decided to give it a try.

The Summer Infant 3DPac Stroller is easy enough to setup initially, with only the wheels causing us a bit of trouble.

The stroller folds up quite flat, which makes it easy to throw in the back of a car. Unfolding it, however, is a little tricky, especially when holding a nine-month-old. Even after using it a couple of times a week, it still takes about the same amount of time to unfold it.

The stroller comes with a cup holder, which doesn’t do a very good job of keeping normal adult cups (Contigos specifically) in-place. However, bottles with handholds do slide into and over the cupholder fairly well, and stay in-place.

There’s also a cellphone holder, but it ended up holding napkins on our trip, and they haven’t been pulled out, as the small bag near the handle, or our pockets, work better. When we pulled out the stroller last night this holder was left in the car, and neither of us missed it.

As usual, there’s also storage under the seat of the stroller. However, it’s not as large or easy to access as we would have liked. It gets the job done, but isn’t what we need for how much we need to lug around now.

Otherwise, folding the stroller is easy enough, it stays closed up, and it rolls and turns quite well. We also really like the strap padding, especially how the groin area is built, making it less likely to rest on one side or the other, and the amount of coverage the shade provides when fully pulled down.

For the above reasons I give the Summer Infant 3DPac Stroller four of five stars, after knocking off a star only for how difficult it is to unfold. Generally recommended.