Review: Splat SPLAT-AC-3J Orange Auto Clean Cleaning Putty

  • September 25, 2010
  • James Skemp
  • review

The one thing I definitely don’t want in my car is gunk stuck in vents and other tiny holes.

The basics of the product is that is catches all the junk on the outer layer of the ‘putty.’ By rolling the product around you can move the outer layer in, giving yourself more surface to work with.

Based on that, I thought I’d try ripping the product in half, however, I was pleasantly surprised that my attempt to do so resulted in nothing. (I certainly could have cut or torn it in half, but I just wanted to pull on par with what resistance I’d get during normal cleaning.)

So, I started using this product in my cup holders, which it promptly cleaned, and then on my vents. While I found some of the hairs and grime coming off onto my hand, the putty kept the majority of it (and honestly the fact that some of it came up is nice, since you could potentially wipe off some of it for more ‘uses.’

It says it supports 50 uses, but based on my owning of a VW Rabbit, and that I don’t have kids or pets that ride in it, the product would easily last me a couple of years. Assuming of course that it doesn’t degrade within it’s container, and I do some level of cleaning before hand.

The feel of the product is a little weird - you feel as though your hands should be wet after holding it, even though the only effect is your hands have a pleasant orange smell to them - but the kid in me liked it for the few minutes I noticed it.

I also used this product just a bit on the display of my radio, and other than cleaning off the bit of dust, it left no other mark.

In lieu of canned air, I think I’d definitely pick some of this up for the vents, and not even vacuums clean cup-holders like this.

5 stars because the value for the price is quite high, and it does what it says it will do.