Review: Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 Step by Step

The following book review is for George Shepherd's Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 Step by Step.

Based upon the title, 'Step by Step,' you might think that Shepherd's book will actually cover ASP.NET 3.5 in detail, piece by piece.

While it's true that he does this, he does it to very little detail. He also makes numerous assumptions throughout the text, which may have you scratching your head more than you usually would, picking up a new language.

As a general overview, this book excels, but search elsewhere, for example, in Spaanjaars' Beginning ASP.NET 3.5, for specifics on how to actually build a site.

Overall, I've given this book 4 stars, of 5, since the information is valuable, as an overview.

My background: I've been working on the Web for approximately a decade, professionally for half of that. I've got background in PHP and ColdFusion, with enough knowledge to read and tweak classic ASP (however, I think classic ASP is ugly).