Review: Mega Bloks Call of Duty ODIN Space Station Strike

  • October 16, 2014
  • James Skemp
  • review

The following is a review of the Mega Bloks Call of Duty ODIN Space Station Strike set, provided by Amazon as part of the Amazon Vine program.

Call me an impressed Mega Bloks first-timer

I'll be honest; I'm a LEGO guy. My sister and I grew up with LEGO, and I have fond memory of them. We did have some Tyco blocks, but we were primarily LEGO.

I'm not a fan of Call of Duty, but the set looked pretty interesting, and had a 'less than LEGO' price, I figured it would be worth a try. And for the most part I'm impressed with Mega Bloks.

The figures are definitely pretty cool, with a lot of movement. These particular ones aren't designed the best, as I did have issues with keeping the belt on (at times it was either the belt was on, or the legs were). The guns are quite impressive, as the stock, clip, and barrel are all detachable.

The instructions are pretty nice, but I did have some issue determining which color was supposed to be used for a couple steps. Maybe I'm getting too old, but the grays started to blend in on some of the instructions.

I also found myself with a couple pieces that just didn't attach correctly (the hole sizing was a little too big), but I found a placement for them on the model that didn't require a tight fit. On the other hand, when I did screw up and use the wrong color I did have a slight issue getting the pieces apart (2 x 4 on top of a 2 x 6 or 8, I forget which). I eventually got it, but it wasn't as easy as I would have liked.

Ultimately the question I have is whether this experience would get me to purchase another of these sets. And given how nice the model looks, and the quality of the blocks, I'd say I would.

I'd really like to be the Mega Bloks Call of Duty ODIN Space Station Strike set a 4.5, but since I cannot I'll give it a 5 of 5 rating. The minor issues I had didn't take away from the experience, and ultimately the quality level is quite high. I'm impressed.