Review: Last Rebellion (2010) (PlayStation 3)

The following is a review of Last Rebellion for the PlayStation 3.

It’s interesting how badly this game is generally rated, yet I didn’t find the approximately 12 hours I put into the game all that horrible.

Sure the graphics don’t push the limits of the PlayStation 3, and the game could certainly have been released for the PlayStation 2, but given the current pricing of the game I’d argue it’s worth a purchase.

The story isn’t all that bad. There’s a couple parts where it seems we’re missing something, and the ending isn’t all that satisfying, but the story is certainly passable.

The game has an interesting aspect where you need to know what order to attack enemies body parts. Each enemy has a different number of these, and a different order, with some battles resulting in the order changing (but otherwise all instances of an enemy can be attacked with the same order). There’s a number of guides online that have already mapped this ordering out for you, if you choose to go that route, but it adds a certain flair if you try to determine these yourself. But getting the order right consistently results in more experience per battle, which means you level that much faster.

This is especially important because combat is otherwise fairly easy once you determine the order, and once you surpass enemy levels you get almost no experience at all. On the other hand, you can ‘seal’ (defeat) the enemies immediately at this point, instead of having to knock them down to 0 HP first. But, for the most part I found myself just attacking enemies, and very rarely needing to buff, until the optional, secret enemies.

If you like RPGs and you can get it for around $20, I’d say it’s worth it for the approximately 12+ hours of play and 19 fairly easy trophies. For these reasons I give Last Rebellion 3 of 5 stars.