Review: Kong Cat ZoomGroom

  • April 20, 2008
  • James Skemp
  • review

This is a review for the Kong Cat ZoomGroom, which is a very nice brush. A similar product is available for dogs.

I picked up one of these for my cat, who doesn't much care to be held, have her nails cut, etcetera. However, she loves this 'brush.'

Not only goes this magically work loose the hair, but it seems to give a good massage, and does a fairly good job of keeping the loose hair on the brush.

I've since purchased another of these, for a gift for my sister's cat (who seems to shed whenever he throws his massive bulk around) and two of the Zoom Groom For Dogs for two cockers my mother owns.

In all cases, they've worked wonders.

However, I have found that this brush is not as easy to handle as the one that is available for dogs.

Overall, I can't recommend this product enough; Kong sure knows how to make their products.