Review: Just Desserts

The following is a review of Looney Labs' Just Desserts, received as part of the Amazon Vine program.

Just Delicious

Having played the game with three different groups, consisting of 2, 4, and 5 people, I can honestly say that every group I've played it with has had a great time.

I won't go into the actual rules, other than to say that they're relatively simple to learn and pick up. Depending upon the group, however, you may need to keep handy the possible turn options, as in one game a few players kept needing to be reminded.

Outside of the first game, where I thought new customers were only flipped over to replace the initial three (whoops!), we were able to play, and generally finish, two games in the span of an hour. During the second session we had run low enough on customers, however, that two people were effectively out of the game, and two others were fighting for the last card to complete a run of five different suits.

While there are a number of different types of desserts, generally I think it played fine as-is, as otherwise the games may have ended sooner, as every player ended up looking for one or two types of desserts for the customers available at least a couple times.

Finally, I really like the artwork on the cards. People would comment that some of the customers looked like their names, but I think I was the only one of the eight different people I played with that commented on the desserts. The card quality is also pretty nice, consistent with other Looney Lab games, I think.

Since this game will be part of my standard game lunch rotation, I have to give Just Desserts five of five stars. Easy to learn, and pretty fair.