Review: Gray Matter (2010)

The following is a review of Gray Matter (2010), available for the PC on Steam and on

An enjoyable story, with minor puzzles

I find point and click adventures to be generally enjoyable, but the older I get the more interest I have in the story they tell than the puzzles.

So when I finally started playing Gray Matter, which I received for very cheap as part of a bundle, my main focus was on the story. Having now put almost 12 hours into it (having let the game run a bit, it was probably closer to 11), I have to say I ultimately enjoyed the game, and might seek out more of Jane Jensen's works (a writer on the game).

The game follows Sam/Samantha as she interacts with David and the other characters we meet. As she is a magician, the puzzles mostly involve her performing tricks or solving puzzles as she gets closer to her goal of becoming a master magician. However, the focus of the game is not on the tricks, but rather the story.

There are some interesting twists as the story progresses, and it had me shivering in a few spots. I definitely recommend this game if you're looking for an interesting story, and have at least a passing enjoyment of point and click adventures.

Gray Matter gets 4 of 5 stars, only because of very slight control issues in a handful of scenes.