Review: Galaxy Trucker

  • September 4, 2017
  • James Skemp
  • review

The following is a review of Galaxy Trucker, received as part of the Amazon Vine program.

Too Random For My Taste

When it comes to board games that I really enjoy playing I definitely enjoy games with strategy, with a bit of luck involved.

Galaxy Trucker has pretty nice components, and an interesting enough dynamic, where each player must build a spaceship and then use it during space travels to handle various events.

However, the luck aspect is a bit too strong in this game, with most ships ending up limping back in no matter how you prepare. In that regard I suppose there’s some enjoyment in seeing how poorly all of the ships standup to space travel, but otherwise if you enjoy strategic games, as I do, this probably isn’t the game for you.

Personally, I feel pretty neutral about Galaxy Trucker; it’s just not my cup of tea. For this reason, I give it a neutral score of 3 of 5 stars.