Review: Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack & Baby's First Blocks Bundle [Amazon Exclusive]

  • September 3, 2018
  • James Skemp
  • review

The following a review of the Amazon-exclusive Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack & Baby’s First Blocks Bundle received as part of the Amazon Vine program.

Nice Little Bundle

Over the last couple of months our child has progressed to the point where he’ll take care of satisfying his play needs, and is working on really controlling his fingers and hands.

So it was perfect timing to try out the Amazon-exclusive Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack & Baby’s First Blocks Bundle, which contains two toys that can help with developing hand-eye coordination.

I immediately gave him the Rock-a-Stack toy, which contains the five rings of varying size, and a pole to put them on. Unlike what I was familiar with when I was growing up, this one rocks back and forth, hence the name.

At this point, he had much more fun taking it completely apart when he saw that dad had put it together. The top ring has some bits in it, which he enjoys shaking and throwing because of the noise, but he also enjoys tossing the others around, as well as holding onto them while he’s crawling around.

But not quite to the point of actually stacking anything, and seems more inclined to use his various stacking cups instead.

Next in the bundle we have the Baby’s First Blocks. First we have a pail with a lid having five differently sized slots. Within the pail we have different colored blocks that can be pushed through the lid of the pail.

This is probably our son’s favorite toy, but mostly because he likes the blocks and pail, sans lid. This is probably the weakest product in my opinion, since the lid doesn’t stay on. I was expecting a bit of force to take off the lid, but it actually requires no force at all.

However, not as bit a deal, since the lid can still sit by itself, and the pail is large enough to store a number of his toys within.

Generally, this is a great price for the bundle of toys that you get. As expected from Fisher-Price, the individual components are of good quality, and I expect our son will continue to play with this toy as he develops further.

I’d knock off half a star for the lid which requires zero force to remove, but round it up to five stars. The Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack & Baby’s First Blocks Bundle is recommended.