Review: DLO Jam Jacket with Cord Management for the 80 GB iPod classic (Black)

  • February 10, 2008
  • James Skemp
  • review

On January 5th, I purchased a DLO Jam Jacket with Cord Management for the 80 GB iPod classic. As the title suggests, this product is designed specifically for the 80 GB iPod Classic, and therefore may not work as expected for other iPods.

The quick review: Overall, this case offers a good deal of protection, and the cord management feature, if you use the standard iPod buds, is rather helpful. However, without any screen protection, minor-to-major issues with the wheel, and minor issues with the cord manager, this model may not be a wise choice.

This model also offers, on the back of the case, earbud and cord management. Basically, there are two spots to place your earbuds, spacing on all sides to allow the cords to be wrapped around, and another spot to insert the other end of the cord.

In practice, this works very well. However, there's no quick way to easily release the cord once it's been wound. On the other hand, this does mean your cords will stay where you've put them. The earbuds, however, are another story. While they'll stay in well the first couple of times, after a while they start to pop out, especially when you pull them out of an inner coat pocket. However, because of the cord management, this isn't that big of an issue.

One thing that may not be readily apparent is that this model doesn't offer any screen protection. While I opened the packaging expecting it, I was sorely mistaken. Depending upon your usage of this case, that may be a major problem. However, the iPod Classic is supposed to have a stronger screen … In my own usage, which includes sitting on a desk most of the time, to an inside coat pocket for travel, I've noticed some level of spotting, but no scratching.

Finally, we have the question of whether the case impacts normal usage. Sadly, I've noticed that this case does impact normal usage, sometimes in a very significant way.

The top, for plugging in your phones and placing on hold, and the bottom, for charging and connectivity, are left available and free. The front and back are otherwise completely covered, which means no finger prints. However, the wheel is also covered, which is sadly where functionality is impacted.

Although I've only slide the case onto the iPod once, the front just isn't tight enough, which means that when attempting to use the wheel, either to move through menus, or changing the volume, the plastic ends up negating my fingers motion. Unfortunately, this has happened enough that I was strongly tempted to rip off the case and just go without.

Overall, I'm fairly happy with the DLO Jam Jacket. The fact that there is no covering over the screen, and that the wheel functionality sometimes suffers are in fact fairly major issues. However, the earbud management feature is quite nice, and combined with the improved strength of the iPod Classic screen, this case isn't a total wash.

I give this product 3 of 5 stars, since while the purchase wasn't a total wash, I can't honestly recommend this case above all others, and might indeed be happier with another one.

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