Review: Batman Fluxx

The following is a review of Batman Fluxx, received as part of the Amazon Vine program.

Not just a minor tweak of Fluxx

Ever since I was introduced to Fluxx well over a year ago (I think it was Oz Fluxx) I've been interested in the game. Thus far I've played Oz Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx, and Cthulhu Fluxx, having purchased the latter in July 2014. When I saw that a copy of Batman Fluxx was up for review I wondered how the game would play compared to the others, and requested a copy.

Having now played Batman Fluxx in our lunch gaming group I can honestly say it plays quite well, and will definitely keep it in my bag for future lunches.

The quick and dirty about Fluxx is that the game starts with the rule of draw one card and play one card (starting with three cards in your hand), with no win condition. However, as play proceeds new rules can be played, such as draw 3 or play 4, as well as win conditions, such as having four villains. Ever-changing rules and goals (win conditions) lead to a very interesting game, where one person might think they'll win in a particular way, but conditions change before they can (such as a hand limit 3 getting played).

Each variant of Fluxx adds something to the game, and for Batman Fluxx I would say it adds tools and ways to deal with villains (creepers, which either prevent you from winning or satisfy win conditions). The tools include ways to increase your draw, play count, and hand size, as well as ways to steal keepers (cards that satisfy win conditions) and handle creepers. The action cards are pretty standard.

Because of the cards each variant of Fluxx seems to have a general play time. Cthulhu Fluxx, for example, can tend toward shorter play times, as it can have multiple goals in play (goals and ungoals) and no one can win. Zombie Fluxx, from what we could remember, tends to have longer play times. Thus far I'd say Batman Fluxx tends toward longer sessions as well. A number of rules allow for a variety of free actions, so depending upon which are selected, and what keeper free actions there are in play, each person's turn can go longer than usual.

Finally, the artwork is based upon the cartoon version of Batman. It looks good.

Batman Fluxx is a good deal of fun, and is different enough from the other variants that it's worth a pickup even if you have a different variant already. If you've never played Fluxx, but it sounds interesting, and you like Batman, give this game a try. I'm sure you can find a reason to say "I'm Batman," in a deep growl, while playing it. :)

For the above reasons I give Batman Fluxx a full five of five stars.