Review: Bang Gang's The Wolves Are Whispering (2015)

  • June 26, 2015
  • James Skemp
  • review

The following is a review of Bang Gang's 2015 album The Wolves Are Whispering.

Another beautiful album

Warning: I find music to be very subjective and find it hard to explain why it is that I might like a song in words and without being able to sit someone down and let them listen with me. So the number of music reviews I do is very low. However, this album has been out for three days and has no reviews on Amazon. That's just not right.

I was browing around Google Play Music this evening and one of the recommendations was Bang Gang's The Wolves Are Whispering.

After double checking that it was in fact the Bang Gang I knew of, and have enjoyed for a number of years, I started listening. After two songs I opened Amazon in my browser and purchased the MP3 album.

As usual Bang Gang has created another beautiful album. It starts off strong with The Sin is Near and continues all the way through.

Having listened to and enjoyed all three previous albums, as well as his work with Keren Ann as part of Lady & Bird, I think he has a stronger voice in this one. That is, Keren Ann takes a slight edge in Lady & Bird, and in his previous albums sometimes the guest vocals would define (for me) the strongest songs. However, here he takes the center stage on his album in regards to vocals from beginning to end.

Now, should you purchase this album? If you've enjoyed his previous three releases as Bang Gang, absolutely. If, like me, you found out about Bang Gang because of Keren Ann's work with him, then probably. You'll find a bit of her here, but much more in the background. If this is your first experience with Bang Gang, then give them a listen online and then come back. It's a great sound, with melodies you'll find yourself humming along with, even if you don't (yet) know the words.

Bang Gang's The Wolves Are Whispering gets a full five of five stars.