Review: Anpro Stainless Steel Heavy-duty Fruit and Vegetables Masher, Potato Ricer

  • April 22, 2017
  • James Skemp
  • review

The following is a review of the Anpro Stainless Steel Heavy-duty Fruit and Vegetables Masher, Potato Ricer, received as part of the Amazon Vine program.

Results in Amazing Mashed Potatoes

I’m not much of a cook, so when the Anpro Potato Ricer was available for review I asked my girlfriend, an amazing cook, if she’d be interested in helping me out. She said she had never used one, but would be interested in doing so.

Sadly, the potato ricer sat for a while since she couldn’t think of a need to pull it out, so it wasn’t until I took charge that it actually got some use. Now, whenever we need to make mashed potatoes, I’m in charge of making them, and this gets used.

The first thing to note about the product is that it’s completely stainless steel. At first glance and feel the top ‘plunger’ seems a bit sharper than I would have expected and liked. However, in use I’ve just kept in mind that it has a bit of an edge to it, and haven’t run into any issues. Heat transfer hasn’t been an issue either.

In use, the Anpro potato ricer is extremely easy to use. Boil some water, toss in skinned diced potatoes until they start to break when you stab them with a fork, drain the water, and put the diced potato in the ricer.

I’ve actually filled the ricer fairly full and still been able to use it without issue. The holes on the side are a little high, in that the ricer does need to be in the bowl when using it, or you need to be aware of where the mashed potatoes will come out. The first time you use the ricer you’ll see exactly what I mean (so go a little slow).

Other than that, it comes out looking like long rice. Mix in some sour cream or yogurt, and you’ll have some of the softest, no lump, mashed potatoes you’ve ever had (backed up by comments when we hosted Easter lunch).

Cleanup is pretty easy, but the bottom of the ‘plunger’ does end up with a bit of compressed potato sticking on, since ricer doesn’t seem to fully compress. It’s maybe a few millimeters, and could be scrapped into the bowl to be mixed with the mashed potatoes.

While they also say it can be used for other vegetables, at this point we’ve only used it for potatoes, but could definitely see it being used to make baby food in the future.

The Anpro Potato Ricer is absolutely amazing, and I’ll never use another potato masher again, unless I want lumpy mashed potatoes. For these reasons I give it a full five of five stars. Highly recommended if you’re interested in no-lump mashed potatoes, or trying out a potato ricer.