Review: 72 Pin Connector for NES 8 BIT Nintendo System

  • December 30, 2012
  • James Skemp
  • review

The following is a review of a 72 Pin Connector for NES 8 BIT Nintendo System (Bulk Packaging), by Classic Game Source.

Our Nintendo was purchased new (as far as I know), way back when they were still being sold in stores.

However, we haven’t played it all that much, since, like many others, the console would blink instead of playing the game.

Last weekend I visited my sister, who has it now, and I couldn’t get it come on at all. A common issue seems to be the 72-pin connector, so I decided to finally take it back with me and give that a shot.

I don’t recall our NES ever starting a game as soon as you press the power, so I was absolutely shocked (but not enough to hold back my shout of joy) when it started a game immediately.

Some suggest pulling the pins back into position, but quite honestly our pins were completely flat (no resistance when sliding in a game) and I’m sure the time it would have taken would have been more than the $12 I paid for a new one.

Read a good guide on replacing it (I used Hitgaming’s, which comes up for a Google search for ‘nes replace 72 pin connector’) and enjoy playing your NES again!